Definition Sheol, Hebrew «Pit,» is a term symbolizing a cavern, womb, or underworld; related to the uterine paradise-garden called Shal-Mariin Tibet and Shalimar in India. Originally Sheol was the Virgin’s


Orphism is the teachings of an ancient Greek philosophical cult which exerted great influence on Greek culture, and later on Western mysticism and occultism. It began in the sixth century BC, and

Krampus Legend

Who is Krampus? You have probably heard about Santa and his little helpers, but what about his not-so-jolly sidekick, Krampus? This half-goat, half-demon creature appears in folklore in many forms.


Ka was the Egyptian conception for one of the seven parts of man, his spiritual double or astral body. The Ka was represented in drawings as a birdlike duplicate of the

Jakin and Boas

Jakin and Boas are the names of the two symbolic pillars of Solomon’s Kabbalistic temple, which were believed to explain all mysteries. One pillar was white, while the other one was black,


  Cacodaemons where ancient deities of inferior rank, which were believed to be attached to men at birth as their constant companion. They were capable of giving impulses and being


Definition Ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life, the universe and immortality is the tau or looped cross called the ankh, which means both «life» and «hand mirror.» It is symbolic of regeneration; as

Animal Worship

Since the beginning of mankind people have believed in the superhuman qualities of animals. This belief originates in animism. Early people honored animals for having a spiritual life or soul similar

Ancient beliefs of love spells

by Maggie Somerset* When it comes to love spells there are many that believe in all types of things. Very few people understand the origins of love spells and where this all