An open letter

The psychoanalytic-inspired theory related to the phenomenon of love and desire

Nishant Kumar


New Delhi
Date:13th Oct.,1999

i am so glad to tell you that i am a grandson of Dr. Madan Lal Sharma, from Aligarh, India who was one of the founder member of Advisory Board of Biosophical Institute in 1959. Dr. Lal Sharma who was a good friend of Dr. Fredrick Kettner, used to frequently communicated him regarding the biosophical issues.My mother (Sunita Sharma)is the eldest daughter of Dr. Sharma who is currently working as a teacher in a private school in Jaipur,India.
Yesterday only, during my home visit to Jaipur, about 270 Km. from New Delhi was telling my mother about my concern about current Nuclear Weapons threat to the world security, that there should be a Global brotherhood and Peace. Nobody can save himself for a long, by putting other into a danger; sooner or later, his actions will be reflected back to him, and this philosophy implies totally on countries and International Relations as well. So anticipating the world security crises, i want to do something, which has become a necessity in the interest of all the living beings on earth today. Then mother told me that whatever i was talking, i have inherited from my grandfather (in Hindi we say ‘Nana ji’), that her father (Dr.Sharma) was also like this. He used to say a lot about global brotherhood, uniformity among the different religions, raising spiritual values in a man and peace. He used to interact with the ‘friends of the biosophical society’ and its various members including Dr.Kettner. Once Dr. Kettner also asked him to
come to USA for some occasion. But afterwards he felt ill and died in an early age in 1962 leaving his wife Mrs. Nirmala Devi Sharma (my ‘Nani ji’) with all his 8 children, including 7 unmarried daughters and a son. Mother told me that was a very tough hard time for the family as there was no other income resource and enough savings. But anyhow my nani ji managed, and today she is living with her son in New Jersey,USA.
My mother after looking in a lot of files, boxes and wardrobes showed me some letters, personally written to Nana ji from Dr. Fredrick Kettner appreciating his writings and ideas regarding spiritualism.
So if you think i can do something for the institute, and could help you in any way, please write me without hesitation, as I’ll be the happiest person to do so. As i am also interested in this field kindly mail some suggestions, information and other web site links that could help. Also kindly let other rightful persons know of me, if somebody from that time is there who knows about my Nanaji’s writings. Also mail me some email addresses and sites links through which i could know about my Nana ji’s work.

Nishant Kumar