Amethyst Stone Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers


Stone Meaning

Camillus Leonardus remarked of the amethyst, “This gem is reckoned among the purple and transparent stones, mixed with a violet color, emitting rosy sparkles.” The Indian variety is the most precious. It is held to sharpen the wit, prevent drunkenness when bound to the navel, turn away evil thoughts, and render knowledge of the future in dreams. The stone gives peace of mind. (see Gem Healing) When drunk in poison, it is thought to expel the poison and render the barren fruitful. Bacchus’ head was frequently engraved on it since this god was a favorite with the Roman women.

Amethyst is a variety of quartz, but differs from the common quartz chiefly because of its violet to purple coloring. It is the birthstone for February. The stone is common in Europe and Scotland with some of the finest specimens being found in India, Sri Lanka , and Brazil. It is a semi-precious stone that is available in color that range from clear green to deep purple. This rock which means ‘sober,’ has been mentioned many times in history and religion. While it is desired for its beauty, it is coveted even more for its powers, metaphysical propertiesphysical and spiritual benefits.

These stones can be found all over the world, were precious gems. However; the discovery of amethyst mines in Brazil reduced the value of these rocks and made them semi-precious. Significantly, the value of amethysts is not determined by their carats but by their color. Synthetic amethysts have been created and are nearly indistinguishable from real gemstones. However, they are not widely available.  




Accurate historical accounts show that Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and even the Chinese, saw the amethyst as a precious stone.

Egyptian diplomats would wear this stone to protect them from being attacked while traveling. They also used it to eliminate feelings of fear as well. Similarly, European soldiers going into battle would wear amulets made with this crystal to ensure bravery and fast healing.

The Greeks and Romans used cups decorated with this rock to protect all who drank from the cup. Furthermore, it was thought that wearing an amethyst stone with a bear engraved on it could prevent contagious diseases and render poisons ineffective.

In later years, this jewel was seen as a symbol of royalty. This stone was used to decorate jewelry owned by kings and queens, notably Queen Catherine of Russia and Queen Elizabeth II of England.


Ancient Mythology

The amethyst crystal has been found in historically accurate accounts but has been referenced in mythology. The mentions of the amethyst in mythology usually point to its origin and meaning. Two main myths explain the origin of the amethyst crystal.

  • The Roman God of Wine and Amethyst: According to the one account, Bacchus, the Roman god of wine had been offended by a mortal. In his anger, he stated that his Tigers would eat the next person he encountered. Amethyst (a beautiful virgin) on her way to worship Diana was the person whom he encountered. The maiden begged Diana to save her and so Diana turned her into a pure white crystal. Bacchus felt remorse over his actions and poured his wine over his crystal to show his remorse. The wine poured over Amethyst provided the purple hue the stone has now.   In a similar account, it was said that Dionysus (The Greek god of libations) shed tears of remorse over the rock and that is how the purple hue of the amethyst was created.


  • Greeks and Romans’ Amethyst Studs: Another version of this myth states that Amethyst was a young maiden being pursued by Bacchus. When she asked the goddess Diana to save her, she was turned into a white stone, and in anger, Bacchus threw his cup of wine on the stone. It was also said that due to the nature of the creation of the crystal and the involvement of the god of wine in it, the rock could prevent inebriation or drunkenness. This caused some Greeks and Romans to place amethyst studs on their wine goblets. They believed that drinking with these cups would ensure that they did not get drunk no matter how much they drank.  


  • St. Valentine’s Amethyst Ring: An unrelated myth is that St. Valentine had an amethyst ring with an image of Cupid (the Roman god of love) carved onto the stone. While traveling, lovers or couples who saw him would request that he marry them. This made the amethyst crystal symbolic of faithful love and attracting true love.


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The Spiritual Symbolism 

This gemstone also has significant symbolism in religion. Christianity is a prominent example of the spiritual symbolism of the amethyst.

  • In Christianity, the amethyst is a symbol of purity and as such was worn by priests to represent their celibacy.
  • Bishops used this stone too to protect themselves from spiritual evils and to maintain a level and a humble mind. Furthermore, this gemstone is thought to represent the passion of Christ. The stone represents the calming effect and nature of Jesus Christ. The purple-red hues in the rock represent his sacrifice and wounds.


How Do Amethyst Crystals Work?

Crystal therapists and experts on the use of healing crystals recommend the use of amethyst stones for spiritual and physical purposes. The question that many people who wish to try this gemstone ask are ‘how it works’.

Amethyst stones work by the emitting energy that can eliminate negative energy from the immediate environment. The waves of energy released by this crystal can be used by the body and encourage healing. Amethyst crystals can also absorb and reflect far-infrared radiation, which promotes healing. The healing benefits of amethyst gemstones are felt in psychical forms (body), the mental state and in spiritual health.



Healing Benefits 


  • Improved blood circulation
  • Enhancement of the body’s immune system
  • This stone can help to correct problems with the digestive system
  • It can help to eliminate toxins from the environment, protect and heal the respiratory system.
  • Amethysts are used to control pain caused by injuries, migraines, and arthritis as well. Due to the gentle energy it emits, this rock is used to reduce pain in children and improve their sleep.
  • This gemstone improves the function of the nervous system.
  • This stone reflects far-infrared radiation, which can help to correct sleep disorders. Other benefits of far-infrared radiation include the growth of healthy cells, better movement of bodily fluids and faster healing of damaged skin.
  • Aside from reflecting far-infrared radiation, this crystal emits negative ions. These emissions can remove toxins from the body and improve respiration.



  • The amethyst gemstone provides strength for overcoming addictions like smoking, drinking, and chemical dependence. This semi-precious stone is a benefit to people with addictive personality disorders.
  • This crystal emits calming energy and can help to calm people with anger control problems. It is for this reason, it is recommended for use on children with nervous disorders or ADD. This calming energy makes this stone useful for improving communication.
  • This rock also helps to improve emotional problems such as depression and provides a feeling of comfort or emotional balance.
  • Crystal experts recommend this stone to people that involved in making decisions. Amethyst gemstones are said to clear the mind and ensure better decision making as well as improved memory retention.


Spiritual Benefits of Amethyst Crystals


Amethyst crystals have strong spiritual significance and use. This makes the crystal popular among psychics, practitioners of new age religions and people trying to connect with their spirituality or contact higher beings. One main reason for this is that the amethyst stimulates the brow chakra, eye chakra, and Etheric chakra, all of which are linked to spiritual enlightenment.  Some spiritual benefits of this crystal include:

  • Protection against evil spiritual vibrations and attacks
  • Provision of spiritual healing and purification
  • Provision of spiritual understanding, remembrance of dreams and understanding of these dreams
  • This crystal enhances spirituals connections to the divine realm.
  • Psychics use amethyst to heighten their abilities, improve intuition and protect themselves from evils they could encounter while working.
  • Amethyst crystals can help you unlock hidden or traumatic memories. This is the first step in enjoying spiritual healing and eliminating self-destructive activities.
  • This rock attracts good luck and wealth to its wearer.


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How to Use Amethyst for Healing

Like many healing crystals, an amethyst stone can be used in different ways. These include:

  • By wearing it as jewelry: Gemstones can now be fashioned into jewelry while maintaining the quality of the crystal. To take your amethyst everywhere or have the gentle energy of the stone on you at all times, get a pendant, earring, bracelet or even a ring with this stone on it. Historically, one popular way of wearing this stone was as an amulet.
  • Place it in your living area: Amethyst crystals work by emitting energy or magnetic field that can eliminate negative energies in your environment. To enjoy these benefits, keep an amethyst in your living room, car, office or anywhere you spend your time. To make the best use of the amethyst crystal, place it in a central area where the magnetic waves emitted can touch all the parts of the room.
  • Place amethyst under your pillow: To cure insomnia or prevent nightmares, sleep with this stone underneath your pillow or in your bedroom.
  • Keep a crystal close to the window: popularly used as protection from evil and spiritual attacks, it is recommended that you place an amethyst crystal on the window sill of your home.
  • Use products that contain amethyst crystals: More products are being made using healing crystals. If you prefer to have a spa day while enjoying the benefits of this crystal, you can buy an amethyst detox mask.
  • Meditate with the amethyst crystals: One reason for the popularity of this stone is the spiritual value it has. Amethyst crystals are seen as pure, calming and as a tool for getting closer to divine entities. In many religions, new and old, the amethyst has spiritual meaning. Some tarot readers use this stone to get clearer and accurate readings. Psychics use it as a cleansing stone.  Based on the use of this stone for spiritual purposes, it is seen as ideal for meditation.


How to Cleanse Amethyst Gemstones

It is very important to cleanse crystals immediately after you receive them. This is because the crystal has absorbed energy from its point of origin. To prevent absorbing negative energy or someone else’s energy, cleanse your stones first before using them. Listed below are some methods you can use to cleanse your amethyst crystal:

  • Hold the stone under cold running water. This is one of the easiest ways to cleanse healing crystals.
  • Smudge your crystal with the smoke from sacred herbs. Burn some sage, incense or cedar and place the crystal in the smoke for a few minutes to cleanse your stones of previous lingering energies.
  • Soak your crystal in a flower bath. To remove negative energies, soak your stone in a bowl with flower petals. This will also lead to the amethyst absorbing the properties of the flower petals you use to cleanse the crystal.
  • Project your intentions. Holding your amethyst in your palm, state your purpose for this stone and meditate on it. You can also hold the crystal and imagine the negative energy leaving the amethyst.
  • Use other crystals. Amethyst crystals can be cleaned by placing it on crystals like Selenite. The Selenite crystal does not need to be cleansed. To charge your amethyst, leave it on the Selenite throughout the night.
  • Use moonlight. You can cleanse and charge your crystals under a full moon. Leave the crystals under the moonlight for up to 3 days. It is important to remove the crystals when it rains and when the sun is out to maintain the color of your amethyst.
  • Bury your amethyst for 24 hours to cleanse it.
  • Other methods for cleansing your stone include sound cleansing, soaking it in salt water and leaving it in the sun.


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How to Care for Your Amethyst Crystal

Properly caring for your amethyst crystals will ensure that you can get the most use out of it and maintain the beauty of the gemstone. Below are some tips for caring for your amethyst crystals

  • Do not leave it in the sun for prolonged periods. This exposure could cause the color of the crystal to fade over time. In worse cases, the stone could get a yellow hue.
  • Avoid exposing amethyst to harsh chemicals, alcohol or aerosol products. This could lead to the deterioration of the gemstone.
  • Clean the crystal following the retailer’s instructions or recommendations.



There is many jewelry related to these gemstone. The main types are: rings, necklace and earrings.


Amethyst gemstones are said to have healing powers, but they cannot replace modern medicine. It is important to approach using amethysts for healing with an open mind.   

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