Alien Megastructure


Alien Megastructure was first announced around year 2005. There has been suggestions as to what could be the reason for the dimming of KIC 8462852.

But ever since the month of October 2015, astronomer brought the worlds to a storm  when they gave the reason why Kepler mission was perceived to be unusual and a sudden  decrease in the intensity of light coming from KIC 8462852 also known as Tabby’s Star.

This was accompanied by additional studies that described how the stars show to be consistently losing intensity over the time. This entire event caused various suggestions, with possibilities varying from great asteroids and a debris disc to a particular alien megastructure.

But in which particular way can this be better described, a team of researchers and scientists from University of California and also the, Columbia University, have claimed that the star’s strange shinning could be as a result of the planet consumed at a particular time in the past. This must have caused a large outburst of light intensity in which the star is now recovering; and what is left of  this planet could be reflecting in front of the star, thus causing periodic damping.

For the purpose of this study titled “Secular dimming of KIC 8462852 following its consumption of a planet”, which is schedule to come up in the every month notice of the Royal Astronomical Society  the group of team took the first Kepler findings, which shows sudden damping of about 15% and 22% in its brightness. They then assumed that the previous studies that has to do with the long term behavior of Tabby’s Star which was published in year 2016.

The initial study, conducted by a researcher Bradley from the University of Louisiana, showed a decrease of about 14% around year 1890 and 1989. The preceding study, conducted by the researchers Joshua Simon and Ben Monet from the institution of Carnegie Institution of Washington and the Caltech, respectively, revealed how the star dampen by 3% for over four years that Kepler that it was constantly been viewed by the Kepler.

The various designs and art about the orbiting swarm of dusty comet debris around Tabby’s Star. Can we say this was responsible for the dampening or is there various other reasons responsible, like biological reasons?  Very small star lies close to the Tabby’s.

They then came up with a reason to explain the behavior using the Kozai Mechanism also know as (Lidoy mechanism or kozai Effect), which is a well know method in astronomy for getting the orbit of the planet based using their eccentricity and inclination. Used for KIC 8462852, they determined that a star must have consumed a whole planet (or planets) in the time past, which was dated back to about 10,000 years ago.

This would have caused the temporary intensity or brightness of which the star may be returning to normal (this is explaining trend). From further studies they also came up with the assumption that the dampening could be as result of the dust of the planet moving in high-eccentricity orbit in the front of the star, which could be attributed to the sudden changes. Their calculations also caused a lot of mass limitation on the planet consumed.  By their calculations, it may be a single Jupiter planet, or large particles of debris such as moon-mass bodies which is about 1 km in diameter. This possibility made it more interesting, since a large number of debris would be produced; a field of debris that would be more common with the dimming rate experienced by the others studies.

These results are not the best explanation of the various star behavior, they may have critical effects on the various studies of stellar evolution, in which stars brings out some of their planets with time. A assistant professor Brian D, an assistant who came from Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory and author on many papers explain in an interview:
“We measured that if Tabby’s star a representative, it was estimated that about 10 Jupiter fall like a star in its lifetime.
For sure, the study of Tabby’s star will for the time to come. We can only say that with these ongoing studies, we could be sure of finding what is really causing those damping’s.
It very interesting to know that the guys interested in Alien Megastructure with a lot of debris, we can be sure that it still hold a lot of possibilities for various studies in the nearest future.

“In other words, this could just be a star that’s intensely active in some poorly understood way, giving off periodic massive outbursts that cause a dimming of the light. And the fact that stars like this are rare is what’s been fooling us all along.”

Only time will tell if this is the right answer, but it’s fitting the existing data pretty nicely so far.

And even if KIC 8462852 doesn’t ultimately live up to its “Aliens!” hype, we still have a phenomenon on our hands that’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and that’s awesome.