Alchemy Jewelry

Alchemy is alteration of the matter. Alchemists do transformation of elements. 

It is a concept relating to the transmutations of matter, which influenced the origin of chemical science and had as main goals the search for the philosopher’s stone and the universal panacea.


Alchemy jewelry is a transformation of our energy it belongs to Gothic jewelry. Alchemy Symbols have healing and purifying properties.



Alchemy Gold Pendant
 and Alchemy Silver pendant bring positive energy to our life. It is also an energy purifier. 

Alchemy Jewelry goldAlchemy silver pendant

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These alchemy pendants are spirit, time, matter, space, unity and consciousness. They will fill you with energy.



Alchemical Necklaces with alchemical properties. See below and search for more.




Alchemic Earrings.


Alchemic rings with transmutation, healing properties.


Where to buy Alchemical Jewelry

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