Age of Aquarius Meaning

Age of Aquarius is an astrological term that denotes the current or forthcoming astrological period based on the method of calculation. Astrologers maintain the astrological age, and there are several ways of calculating the length of an astrological age with signs indicating the years.

The initial indication noticed is the Aries and the Taurus with many other signs proceeding to the opposite direction.

The age of Aquarius stated in the twenty centuries where the astrologers say that the astrological age exists as a result of the procession of the equinoxes through the steady movement of the earth’s spin axis on the sphere being independent of the diurnal rotation and annual rotation of the earth around the sun.

The previous occurrences include the modification along the ecliptic in a west direction and the spring equinoctial points.

The period is associated with astrology, modernization, humanity, electricity, computers and so on, it is believed that the age affects man and could influence the rise and fall of civilization or cultural tendencies.



Meaning In Mythology


As earlier mentioned the age of Aquarius is a scope of astrology relating to the mythology relating to the ages of humanity. The ages represent the developmental stages of a human or essential periods.

From infancy to adolescence, and adulthood, manifesting a recurring pattern or formation in human and prevailing the understanding of the ages of humanity noted from the actual word Hesiod meaning work and days.

It likewise delineates the dim circumstances that humankind knows today as a period of work, exhaustion, wrongdoing, war, eagerness, misfortune, and demise.

Relating to the Hindu Kali Yuga, delineates the corruption among the people, fighting and time of the dispute. The customary age incorporates the resistance of man, anxious scatters, disobedience, irresolution, veracity, philanthropy and numerous more portrays the dim circumstances of a human.

The folklore gives a recurrent thought and an expectation of another age (brilliant age), and an idealism that the new era cooperates with the old.


Meaning in Religion

The Age of Aquarius illuminates the most profound sense of being coming together with science. A period when the religion and science need to join together and make better restorative advancement, a period when we can use science to help approve the religion as opposed to revolting.

The periods of humankind could be identified with the Christian Trinity.

The principal age, which is God the Father shows the season of the old man-centric idea, followed by the present generation which is God the son which confirms the birth of the Jesus the Nazarene and the periods of freedom and ending of oppression.

Finally,  the third time frame which is God the Holy Spirit; it is to be commended as a period of Truth or Mother Principle.

There have been numerous mechanical and otherworldly changes on the planet, which is going on at an alarming rate, where individuals question their convictions and open their minds to lessons.

The age of humanity brought about the sense of foreboding, change in the environment and the body of a human, with an optimism that a change could evolve in our society.


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