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Mythology refers to a collection of myths. Especially those related to a particular cultural or religious tradition. Many of the myths out there originate from different backgrounds. Some are from the Celtic, Greek, Roman and even Egyptian origins.

Many of the myths are yet to be proved scientifically. But some of them already have scientific backings. However, scientists are still working their ways through the myriads of myths available today in an attempt to find a lasting answer to the mind-bugging questions asked by these myths.

Africa is at the forefront in the world of myths. Many of the myths came from Egypt since this city represents one of the most ancient forms of human civilization. Its numerous heroes and pharaohs also make Egyptian myths very popular. Also its many pyramids towering into the sky with reckless abandon.

This write-up will focus on the best African mythology books, myths and gods. It can enlighten you about where many of the myths, gods and legends in African originate from.


Best African Mythology Books to read – myths and gods


The annotated African American folktales (The Annotated Books)

african american folktales
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The book won the 2018 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work, Fiction. The book contains about 150 folklore’s of African American origin.

These folklore successfully give new life to the past and equally reclaim many olden day cultural legacies that are lost in an attempt to redefine American literature. Many of the folklore in this book are rarely known and this makes the book even more exhilarating.

The book successfully revolutionizes the canon in a way no other book had ever done. It matches the quality obtainable in several other books that focus on myths. Some have even counted it as being in the same class as several other books, like:

  • The People Could Fly written in 1985 by Virginia Hamilton’s
  • Mules and Men written in 1935 by Zora Neale Hurston
  • Negro Folktales from the South written in 1927 by Arthur Huff Fauset

Additionally, the book contains an entire section dedicated to Latin American and Caribbean folktales. It contains up to 200 full-color images of museum quality. Great to have. This is the best option.


The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

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This book is more or less a handbook about mythology generally. It explains what it is all about, aside from giving an insight into several origins of popular myths. Including the ones originating from different parts of Africa, especially Egypt.

The book equally made mention of the King Arthur tales that are rooted in Celtic myth. Aside from African and Celtic myth, the book equally made mention of Hindu myths, especially as concerning Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The book delved extensively into the subject of the universe in an attempt to help the reader understand how the universe work from the perspective of the myths.

In summary, the book mentioned up to 80 of the greatest characters and myths in the world, including those originating from Africa.

It equally exposes to the reader the very interesting stories behind each of the myths. Yes, it makes a very interesting read. The book was published by DK, a publishing house founded in 1974.


Mythology: A Captivating Guide to Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, and Norse Mythology

mythology captivating guide
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This book is captivating, aside from being highly informative. It exposes the awesome mythical beliefs of the African ancient Egyptians, Vikings, and Greeks.

The book is made up of three manuscripts. The first manuscript is the Greek Mythology: A captivating Guide to the Ancient Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters, a popular best-seller.

The first manuscript focuses on what standard views have to say about Egyptian and Greek mythologies. It also opens the eyes of the reader to several historical backgrounds of these great heroes and gods.

Furthermore, the book has what it takes to tantalize the imagination of the reader with several possibilities behind the legends and myths discusses in this book. The book has three parts, which are:

  • Unraveling Myth. It looks at Egyptian mythology from an entirely new perspective
  • Factual History. It covers pre-history period via classical antiquity
  • Fantastic Images. Deals with ancient myths and legends originating from ancient Egypt.


Egyptian Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt

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As the title of the book indicates, it focuses on Egyptian myths and several stories originating from this part of the world in ancient times. For one, it describes stories about resurrected mummies and the famous thousand-year-old curses.

Furthermore, the book made a mention of many of the powerful pharaohs that we have heard about in history. It equally mentioned the well-publicized coveted Egyptian treasures buried in the Great Pyramids.

This book will open the eyes of the reader to why ancient Egypt has successfully held the imaginations of modern day researchers with a firm grip.

The book author was Geraldine Pinch and gives the reader a easy explanation of the mysteries of ancient Egyptian Myths.

The stories contained in this book covers 3200 BC to 400 AD. And it will enlighten the reader about the hidden world of Egyptian myths. Also attempt to explain many of the belief systems of ancient Egypt.



The books above can teach you a lot about African mythology. They can also serve your purposes, either as a beginner or an advanced student of the topic.

Many of them are in very simple language. So that even the worst newbie can gain a lot from the books.


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