Aeromancy Definition


Aeromancy is a form of divination of foretelling future events by observing atmospheric phenomena such as when a death of a great man is foretold by the appearance of a comet.

Aeromancy analyzes wind currents, cloud formation and the behavior of stars to provide a diagnosis and a forecast of the consultant’s future.

The words aero (air) and mancy (divination) form this method of divination. It is one of the oldest. Nowadays it is not very popular.


Francois la Tour Blanche stated that aeromancy is the art of fortune-telling by spectres which are made to appear in the air, or the representation by the aid of demons which are projected on the clouds as if by a magic lantern. “As for the thunder and lightening,” he added, “these are concerned with the auguries and the aspect of the sky and of the planets belong to the science of astrology.”

Within Christianity an act of aeromancy might be thought of as the phenomena of the star over Bethlehem when Christ was born. A.G.H.

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