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Spirits of¬†Aleister Crowley’s¬†Illustrated Goetia


Rank: Duke
10 – 20
Zodiac sign: 
Cancer (night July 2 – July 11)
Three of Cups
Alchemical sign: 
Venus – Copper

Uval (or Vual, or Voval) is the Forty-seventh Spirit; a Duke, great, mighty, and strong. He appears in the form of a great dromedary at first but after awhile at the command of the Exorcist he takes on a human shape, speaking in an Egyptian but not perfectly. His office is to procure the love of women, and tell thing of the past, present, and to come. He also procures friendship between friends and foes. He was of the Order of Potentates or Powers. He governs 37 Legions of Spirits.


Crowley, Aleister, Illustrated Goetia, DuQuette, Hyatt, Wilson, Temple, Arizona, New Falcon Publications 2000