666 DNA PI

666, DNA, and Pi Are May 1, 2010
An Once in a Lifetime Equation

by Roger Jimmo
666, DNA, and Pi, are, and have been the most talked about topics throughout our history of this world. So what is so Important about these 3 Highly talked about topics of today that is in this header, It Is that these 3 topics show up in crop circles, all over the World, and are all directly connected to May First, 2010!

The biblical prophesy has so far, had one answer! «Religion». Religion has already been established by the number of Popes in history, and their connection to 666. The second one is through this math system. The only way my material is connected to the Bible, is through the 666 number, It is math, nothing else. But then again, it is connected. I do not believe that the 666 number is an evil number like they say. It is pure mathematics!

Looking at the word, (co·in·ci·dence)
1. )A striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance:
2.) The condition or «fact» of coinciding.
3.) An instance of this.
Synonyms:1. Accident, Luck, «Fate».
(There is absolutely no Accident about it! I guarantee you, it is not Luck! And most positively, it is a «Calculation» of Fate)!

Next, the word Fate:
1.)Something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune; lot:
2.)The universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed; the decreed cause of events; time:
3)That which is inevitably predetermined; destiny:
4.)A prophetic declaration of what must be:
5.)Death, destruction, or ruin: This one befalls everyone throughout life, I will disregard this one.

Next, the «Three Laws»!
Traditional name for the laws of identity, contradiction and excluded middle, regarded as being particularly basic to thinking.
The «Three Laws» are no longer singled out in quite this way. The law of excluded middle is subject to dispute (and also to a variant form, the law of bivalence), and even the law of contradiction has received limited criticism (see dialetheism, paraconsistency).
Only the law of identity remains undiscussed, (But not for long) and nowadays, attention tends to focus more on the laws of logic as a whole and on what sort of justification can be given for them, or for those of them which are accepted. Here we go!


Syn·chro·nic·i·ty / (sing’kr?-nis’i-te, sin’-) / Syn·chro·nic·i·ties:
1)The state or fact of being synchronous or simultaneous; synchronism.
2) Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, conceived in Jungian theory as an explanatory principle on the same order as «Causality».


Cau-sal-i-ty / (kô-zal’i-te) / Cau·sal·i·ties:
1) The relation of cause and effect; or
2) The principle of, or relationship between cause and effect.


Next, we look at the word Finalized:
To put into form; to complete all the details of.

First, I will begin by showing you that 666 can come together by using 3 sets of 3 different numbers. I call these the «Three Laws». Starting with 1-3-5!
(135 + 531 =666), (351 + 315 =666), (513 + 153 =666), all 3 together = 1998

Second, Now the number 2-3-4! (234 + 432 =666), (243 + 423 =666), (324 + 342 =666) all together = 1998.

Third! In the Bible it states; (Six Hundred Three Score an Six. What does this mean?) It could possibly mean that 636, 666 or even 696, Is the Biblical number? In Gematria, there are words from all three that total these numbers, And All show the same analogy, or the same term of Six Hundred Three Score and Six.

3 0nes, 3 twos, and 3 threes. So 636+666+696= 1998. Now we have three 1998’s. (1998 * 3 = 5994, 5994 – 2106, the «Alphabets Code» = 3888), (Do you know what this number is)? This number you will also see further forward! Again I used the «Three Laws» system. Note: (Aphabets Code) is also explained futher forward!

We also get this number by adding numbers 1 thru 36 in consecutive order, to which then = 666. (Almost everyone should know this)! 666 * 3 = 1998, – 36 = 1962. This number is key! Because I have already established a month and day, May First. And the only way we can see 1962, is the year. now we have a year! 1962!
«May First», 1962

In Gematria, there are literally hundreds, or even thousands of words that can equal 666. Some towards (Presidents, Dictators, Popes, Countries, States, etc, and the list goes on). Just, to many different ways that this number shows up.

And that is why everyone is confused, and lost, about the true meaning of this symbolic number. Some of these words mean something, but 99.9% mean nothing. This .1% of names, are they the ones that will solve the whole riddle. Possibly!

Lets see what the great country of America has to say. There are 2 states; Yes 2 states, within the United States, that we can connect 666 to. And for a very good reason! They both have a significant part in what is going on! First, «New Mexico» = 666; this is where the Roswell Incident took place about a ufo scandal/cover-up, in the 1940’s, which has forever changed our world about so called, Alien presents.

Second, The never forgotten Bombing of the World Trade Centers of «New York»=666, Yes, thats right- 911! The only 2 states that =666 in the United States of America, these have had a deep impact on almost every living soul throughout the entire world.

(«Here is wisdom». Let him that hath understanding, count the number of the Beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six Hundred, Three Score and Six»). Rev:13:18
————————-(«READ SLOWLY» )————
(«Answer- To The Question») is the («Question- The To Answer»)

Here is where it really gets interesting. And this is going to make alot of people, rethink where they are headed. Also, while reading this material, you will probably be trying to explain to youself, why did I not see this! And by using your calculators or computers, you will be doing the «Calculation» to try to see if I’m right or if I am wrong, and find the odds of all these things coming together, in this present year of 2010.

The only reason why you do not see this, is that you have all been looking in the wrong places. And let me make this Perfectly Clear! (I don’t care who you are! What your qualifications and background are, or what your education is, what Religious denomination you are from, If you are rich and powerful, or poor and weak» Black-white-yellow, to just say it plain and simple, Even if you are God himself, it does not matter).

This absolutely pertains to everyone! For what you think you might know, You Know Nothing! «This Stuff Is For Real». And «You Will» see things differently, I am Positive of that! I Did Not Create Any of This!! (Gematria, and it’s number system, the birth of the Illuminati which is May First, I did not create the Alphabet system, and I did not create Pi).
But I did create the «Alphabets Code» and the third law, of the «Three Laws» system of Gematria!

Let me start off with the standard Gematria system of A=6, B=12, and so on to the letter Z, which = 156. In this first system of the «Alphabets Code», I have established, and proved, through this Ancient system, is decoding the entire 365 day calendar, and to only find that May first, which has been around for thousands of years!, is the only day of the year that totals 666. ( When you are doing the «Calculation» of the months and days, the numbers of the days need to be spelled out in word form to achieve the correct answer ).

But the blinded minds among us say, This guy is Crazy! Well May = 234, and First = 432, Is this coincidence? No, they are an Exact mirror image of themselves, together adding to 666. We have listened throughout our History on all the talk about mirror imaging, from many different people, and what results can occur. Here are some Examples:
live–evil, lived–devil, love–evol, loved–devol, god–dog.
Now the Christian term of Anti Christ! Anti =264, Christ=462. Do you not see a pattern?
The phrase, Mirror Imaging: (Ones self, looking into his own mind and soul, seeing what reflects back). In Gematria: Mirror Imaging = 906, the Mirror Image of 906 is 609. (906+609=1515), Mirror Image of 1515, is 5151. (1515+5151=6666). We now have established the Four 6’s from Mirror Imaging. This can be determined as 6*6*6*6=1296.
We will see this number later! ——-ARE YOU READY!——————-

Now, by reading my History correctly, as it is well documented, it shows that the Illuminati, were founded on May First, 1776. «Do you think they know that «May First» is 666! Possibly! If they do not, they are doing a real good job of hiding it. Now, I will strictly use the month of May, as a specific reference, which =»234″, and throw that into the equation.

But again, the blinded minds say, what relevance does this have! Well, being that the Illuminati was founded on May First, 1776, lets go forward to our present day time!

How far you say? Well, not to far from now! Question 1? How old will the so called, Illumunati be, On this years annivesary of May First, 2010? » Exactly «234» years old from 1776. The same number that=May! Coincidence! Not quite! Answer 1! Tell me nothing is going on!

This one is for the superstitious skepitcs out there. Last year, on September 9, 2009, this was shown throughout the world as «9/9/9». Three upside down 6’s. This was a very important date for alot of religious fanatics, who were supposedly let down when absolutely nothing occured. And then there was alot of talk of so called biblical meanings, and gibberish, that it was just all complete nonsense, and there was no true connection to the 3 upside down 6’s at all.

It’s just all coincidence! «They Are Wrong again», People! So now I subtracted «234» days from 9/9/9, 2010, and the answer is…., Nothing! But, When I add «234» days to 9/9/9, Question 2? What possibly could the answer be? Exactly, May First, 2010! More coincidence? No such thing! Answer 2! Something is going on!

So, what is up with the December 21, 2012 date, that is supposed to be the dooms day event, that we are all moving forward to, and counting down to, at the same time. Well, I know what it’s about, and I will get to that later, Now I will show you this, I added «234» days to December 21 2012, You guessed it! Nothing.

But When I subtracted «234» days from December 21, 2012, It’s May First, 2012. Question 3? What do you think it will be, when I subtract «234» days from December 21, 2010? Answer 3; «May First», 2010. (Dec. 21, and Sept 9., for both of these days, one is adding, the other is subtracting, and it does not matter what year it is, except leap year, why is there a leap day? , when subtracting «234», will always be «May First», now why is that).

This year of «May First, 2010, is the only year that shows up as «234» from the birth of the Illuminati. I have just established the «Three Laws» system, with three seperate dates. And here is what I see coming from all the Skeptics of the world, that I made all this up! or it’s just mere coincidence!

«What do you think is going on hear? (What are the Odds, of «Me», a sigle human being, finding these so called, mere coincidences), of these 3 separate dates, Past, Present, and Future of Exactly 234 years apart, come together on one specific date, this May First, 2010, Believe me, I have chills running up and down my spine.

And I do not have to tell you, they are all connected to 666. So now, Ok, lets break down the Odds: Whatever the Worlds population is to this present day in time; that is it!! In mathematical terms, thats approximately 6,790,062,216 billion to one. There is Absolutely, no one out there, who has come forward with any of this. So what does this mean! And what do you think is going on in my mind right now, as to what I am thinking? Take a really good guess!

Who thinks they know everything, and or anything about the math equation of Pi? (3.141592654…). Alot of people will tell you something, but yet again, they tell you nothing!
I have had «A Pi Awakening»
Pi is represented as 3.141592654…., to the tenth decimal, and has been proven so far to be endless, and is observed in one particular Crop Circle, Barbury Castle Crop Circle of Pi, of june 2008. They say it is man made. «They are liars». They know that something is happening, but just don’t quite know how to explain it themselves, or know how to deal with it. And are desperately trying to keep it from becoming a world wide issue.

When we multiply one number after another to the tenth decimal, we achieve the answer of 129600.
(3.*1*4*1*5*9*2*6*5*4=129600). Co-ordinance of Stone Henge is equal to 129600! 129600 is 360 squared. 360/Pi=114. The letter S = 114, DNA is 114! We see this word Pi, in our societies, in 3 different ways. (I also call these ways, the «Three Laws»).

Just like I did above with May First. We see them as the «Pi Symbol», as the «Pi Formula», and as the «Pi Infinite». These are the 3 different ways «Three Laws», that our society uses to evalute Pi, or express it! So what, you say! Through Gematria, Pi = 150, so now we need to find the 666 number. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I give you, Symbol, Formula, and Infinite, They each have their own values of 516, bringing each math term of Pi to 666!

Now Again, «I did not create any of these so called Coincidences»! It was just waiting to be found. And now I have just connected «Three Laws» of Pi to 666! Again, what are the Odds of this happening! Lets see! Total number of People on the Planet, which is constantly growing larger, (Just like Pi! is it ever going to end)! Another way of connecting Pi to 666, is through the first 144 digits of Pi, adding up to 666. Everyone should know this! Again, another Coincidence! No such thing, Wake Up!

Can we see Pi in other ways, throughout are societies as well?
Absolutely! Here are 19 other Laws that connects Pi to our current ways of Life. These can also be read out as questions.
1) We see the Pi Abilities !
2) We see our Pi Challenges !
3) We see the Pi Pyramid with its dimensions !
4) We now know there were Pi Pharaohs
5) We see the Pi Triangle on all three sides !
6) Have we evaluated all the Pi Surfaces !
7) What is the Pi Molecule ?
8) Or what about Pi Ignorance!
9) Have we talked to all the Pi Talkers ?
10) How can we evalaute what Pi Powered means !
11) How do we determine Pi Motion ?
12) Is Phi a Pi Brother ?
13) Why did they start a Pi National ?
14) What can we get out of these Pi Phrases?
15) Where is the Pi Compass leading us?
16) I have done my work, And I have Pi Finalized!
17) «Pi Equaling», is DNA and May First, 2010!
18) You have just seen «Pi Exhibited» in many different ways!
19) I have used my «Pi Display» to show you the truth!
Just Absolutely Amazing, right? I have just showed you 19 other ways to express Pi! But It does not matter how many ways we can express Pi, It is only the first 3, that count! Symbol-Formula-Infinite! And do notice, the 19th letter of the Alphabet!

I have just made 3 connections to this years date of May First, 2010, by using 3 different dates!
And I have just made 3 connections to the math equation of Pi, from the 3 math terms we widely use today, on a daily basis, each «Pi Equaling» 666, The «Three Laws».
I now give you the «Alphabets Code» in 3 stages, or «Three Laws»
First stage: (A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9. J-10, K-11, L-12, M-13, N-14, O-15, P-16, Q-17, R-18, S-19, T-20, U,21, V-22, W-23, X-24,
Y-25, Z-26).
Second stage: (A-6, B-12, C-18, D-24, E-30, F-36, G-42, H-48, I-54,
J-60, K-66, L-72, M-78, N-84, O-90, P-96, Q-102, R-108, S-114, T-120,
U-126, V-132, W-138, X-144, Y-150, Z-156).
Third stage: (A-6, B-18, C-36, D-60, E-90, F-126, G-168, H-216, I-270,
J-330, K-396, L-468, M-546, N-630, O-720, P-816, Q-918, R-1026,
S-1140, T-1260, U-1386, V-1518, W-1656, X-1800, Y-1950, Z-2106).

Now you have the «Three Laws» of the «Alphabets Code». This is not an accident, it’s Fate! Just a little bit of work, patients, and «Research», and Behold! The first stage of the Alphabet, is, and is, in almost every culture on this planet. Most people know this.
The second stage of the Alphabet, is rarely looked upon, only because of it’s history of numerical nonsense, and jibberish, that words and numbers, just do not add up! They are Wrong again!
This third stage of the Alphabet, nobody knows that it this exist, Until Now!
Again, I will use the «Three Laws» system, to bring forward, 3 different things that are widely seen throughout the world on a daily basis, and are even showing up in Crop Circles throughout the world. These three things are DNA, Pi, and 666. How do these 3 things connect to the alphabet, in one specific location. Well! Being that 666 has already been established to the DNA decoding process of genetics, by Scientist, we look to see where it might show up in the first, second, or third stages of the Alphabet. The 3 letters, DNA, in Gematria, = 114. The letter S in the second stage is 114. The only letter that resembles the DNA spiral-twisting-ladder. And is the only letter that resembles, Oh Yes, you guessed it, the mighty «Dollar Sign», $.

X also shows a crossing pattern of DNA . X, in the second stage is 144. I’m sure you have heard the term, X marks the spot! We now can connect the letter X to Pi through the first 144 digits of Pi, and the 666 number. The total for the «Alphabets Code», in the third stage is 2106. 2106 – 144 = 1962. The four Major components of DNA are, (ADENINE, 312, CYTOSINE, 660, GUANINE, 426, and THYMINE, 564). These four are used more than any other compound. Adding these four together, we establish the number of 1962. The year again! Yet more, coincidence! Also, the phrase (Words Associated With Numbers) = 1962. Or we can see the X as Planet X! Planet X= 552+DNA, which is 114, totals 666

Now that we have connected the Alphabet to DNA, and Planet X, where on this earth, does the Pi equation fit in! In the science community, It has been shown, and proved to a degree of certainty, that the Universe is approximately, 13.7 billion years old. «Really»! Well now, lets Google 13.7, and see what comes up! Now lets do the «Calculation» and subtract 13.7 from 2106, the Third stage of the «Alphabets Code», and see what we get. We see an answer of (2092.3).

What does this mean! I do not recognize this number yet, but dividing (2092.3) by 666, the so called Biblical number, we get the answer we are looking for (3.141591592). «Pi», number for number, up to th 6th decimal. And what is Mans number!

We just got our answer of Pi from 666. Again, more coincidence! Not quite! What if we change the universes age to an approximation of 13.7, lets say 13.699293 billion years old. and then do the math. ( 2106-13.699293= 2092.300707, now dividing that by 666 = ( 3.141592653 ). We have achieved the first ten digits of Pi. Could this possibly be the real age of the universe, (13.699293) come December 21,2012?

Very possible! In the Barbury Castle Crop Circle of Pi, of June 2008, we see the number as ( 3.141592654 ). By multiplying Pi, we see (3*1*4*1*5*9*2*6*5*4=129600). Where have we seen this number before, but without the zero’s? Now we see 1296. (1962 – 1296 = 666).

Lets look at it another way! (1296 + 666 =1962, 1962 + 999 = 2961), using the opposite number of 666, 999, which is Sept. 9 2009, and then using a standard calculator, and then turning it upside down. We see this number again! Back to 1962. A complete circle. Just not a coincidence, People!!

Is there yet, another way to connect 666 to the Alphabet?
Well before we do that, lets see what the past holds. Lets look at the Roman Numeral System. The first 6 numerals, to be exact! (D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, V=5, and I=1), totaling 666.
Now the standard Alphabet!
There are Only 6 letters in our present day Alphabet system, that = 666. one after another. (P=96, Q=102, R=108, S=114, T=120, U=126), which totals 666. No other 6 Alphabet letters, in the modern Alphabet, total this number. But, we do have 6 letters, in Alphabetical order that add to the number «234». (D=24, E=30, F=36, G=42, H=48, I=54)=»234″.

Is there still, yet another way to connect 666 to the Alphabet? The Star of David! The Star of David, is two triangles, one pointing up, the other pointing down. Mirror Image of each other, then layed over each other to make the star. This is called a 1440 tetrahedron. Now, using the «Alphabets Code» (2106 – 1440 = 666). The «Three Laws» system.

In the Mayan Calendar System, there is plenty of info to point to the 2012, day 0 event. (We even see the word May in Mayan). Can we find this in the Alphabet? Lets see! In the first stage of the Alphabet, the letter T is 20. In the second stage, the letter T is 120. Side by side we see 20/120, or 20/12/0. Thats 2012, day 0. The third stage of letter T = 1260. The 1260 day prophecy for 2012, («And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth») (Revelation 11:3). You still say coincidence.

Lets go back to the Mayan Calendar, and look at it’s so called beginning, which they have said to be around 3114 B. C. They are correct! 3114 + 2012= 5126. Back to mirror imaging. 5126 / 6215. I see 62, first of May. and if you remember correctly, Dec. 21, 2012 – «234» days, is «May First». (Answer, To The, Question) is the (Question, The To, Answer).

I have also established, as you have read earlier, that Pi = 129600.
Now I’m going to subtract .3 (The «Three Laws») from 129600, 4 times, each time moving one decimal place to the right. 4 times representing the four 6″s—6*6*6*6= 1296. So here it is!
6)First Decmal (129600-.3=129599.7/Pi=41252.86576).
6)Second Decimal (129600-.03=129599.97/Pi=41252.9517).
6)Third Decimal (129600-.003=129599.997/Pi=41252.96029).
6)Fourth Decimal (129600-.0003=129599.9997/Pi=41252.96115).
The last answer can be seen, by turning your calculator upside down.
5119622521h. Being that mans number is a 6, then we identify the first 6 numbers. 5-1-1962. A circle of «Perfection».
Here is a complete Analogy of the numbers 1-2-6-9! 4 sets of 6 numbers!
First set:
1269, 1296, 1629, 1692, 1926, 1962 = 6 numbers
Second set:
2169, 2196, 2619, 2691, 2916, 2961 = 6 numbers
Third set:
6129, 6192, 6219, 6291, 6912, 6921 = 6 numbers
Fourth set:
9126, 9162, 9216, 9261, 9612, 9621 = 6 numbers
So that means 6*6*6*6=1296. We see 1296 in the first set of 6 numbers. second spot. Adding 666 we get 1962, which is also in the first set of 6 numbers, 6th spot.
Now lets do the number 36. We have seen many ways in history of this number, One Example: 36*36=1296. Now I am going to show you another way! «This was a vision I had, back in early 1980! Again, this was a vision, not a dream! I wrote it down, and put it in my brief case, and their it sat until May, 2008.

This word is 36 letters long. We can connect this to 666 by adding 1 thru 36.
I Do not quite know what it means, only that it «May» have some sort of relevance to the conscious or subconsciuos levels of Electromagnetic Energy in the brain. But still, I have made a connection with the Alphabet.

Why I did this, I do not know, but what follows, is very interesting. I determined how many of each letter is in the word. Again, I dont know why I did this, but check out the results!
(5___2__3_1_1___6____3_2_3_3_____1_1_4__________1 += 36
(5___2__3_1_1___6____3_2_3_3_____1_1_4__________1 *= 3888! This number was mentioned above.
Notice in the Vision word above, the letter Z «Is» exactly in the 26th spot, same as the Alphabet. And in Gematria, the letter S=114, 114= DNA, look at the letters R-S-T. Now looking at the present day, world map of time zones, we also see something amazing.

As I said earlier, P-Q-R-S-T-U, in Alphabetical order = 666, Now look where these letters show up on the current world map of time zones, Corrected as of June 2009! What does this mean, I do not know, but it means something.

And by looking at the letters D-E-F-G-H-I, which is another 6 letters in Alphabetical order that= «234», which is May, and they are completely on the opposite side of the World. Just need to do a little bit more research.

On the back of the One Dollar bill, we see the Roman Numerals of 1776, MDCCLXXVI! There are 9 letters total! Now dividing them into three seperate categories, of three sets of numbers, interpreted to the «Three Laws», We then see it as MDC-CLX-XVI.
(MDC = M1000 minus D500 plus C100 = 600)!
(C100 minus L50 plus X10 = 60)! (X10 minus V5 plus I1 = 6)! Do you not see the Six Hundred Three Score and Six quotation from the Bible. Now again, this is on the back of the one dollar bill, in our history, it was written to be founded on «May First», which is the only day of the Year, that equals, the same quotation of 666.
HMMMMM, Imagine that!

These seem to be very Strong Clues, or Forewarnings, of something happening soon on this Years date of «May First», 2010.

In the Pi string sequence of numbers, I showed you the number 5126, shows up at exactly the 2,012 spot! Now I am going to add 36 to 5126. I got this number, 5162. Have you seen this number! You bet. Month day and year.

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