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Spirits of Aleister Crowley's Illustrated Goetia


Rank: Marquis
Degree: 10 - 20
Zodiac sign: Leo (day August 2 - August 11)
Tarot: Six of Wands
Alchemical sign: Luna - Silver

Leraje (or Leraikha, or Leraie) is the Fourteenth Spirit, and a Marquis of great power. He appears, when the Sun is in Sagittarius, in the likeness of an archer clad in green, carrying a bow and quiver. He causes great battles and contests; and makes to putrefy that are made with arrows by archers. He governs 30 Legions of Spirits.


Crowley, Aleister, Illustrated Goetia, DuQuette, Hyatt, Wilson, Temple, Arizona, New Falcon Publications 2000