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by Christine Nightingale

Virtually all religions mention the existence of angels, not as metaphor, but as a reality. For example, the angel Gabriel came to tell Mary that she was to give birth to Jesus. Jacob in the Old Testament wrestled with an angel. Mohammed was informed of his Heavenly mission by an angel. Buddha, sitting under the lotus tree, received his revelation from an angel. Baha'ullah, imprisoned for his beliefs, was visited by an angel, the Maid of Heaven, who told him of his divine mission.

Each person has access to angels. They are able to help with all the everyday dealings of life. More specifically, their function is to help each soul fulfill its life task, find fulfillment in human relationships, and find their way back to God.

Angels are not deceased human spirits. Although a crossed-over loved one can continue to help with everyday life, they are more correctly called spirit guides. Angels were created at a separate time from humanity, and for the purpose of helping humanity know and love God.

It is possible to learn how to contact one's own angels through meditation. Some people prefer to work with a channeler (a person who is able to receive messages from higher beings.) For example, Edgar Cayce was a well-known channel who was able to receive messages about people psychically, while in trance.)

One's angels know everything about the journey of the soul (information available in the akashic records, which is a sort of library, in another dimension, about each soul's journeys.) There are four archangels. Rafael concerns himself with healing; Uriel, with music and forgivenes; Gabriel, with Divine messages, and Michael with justice and protection. Anyone can call on any of these angels at any time. They are able to be in infinite numbers of places at one time. One's own guardian angel can also be accessed through hypnotic induction. In the Bardo state between lives (which a trained hypnotist can take you to) one is able to make contact with one's own angels and guides. The author has had angel experiences since childhood, including being
rescued by angels, seeing them and hearing them. She has done angel channeling for other people for years in person and through her website. www.nightingalehealing.com


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