Clear Google Maps Search History

How to Clear Google Maps Search History

Google has been with us for many years, probably the most used search engine since we started using the internet and, to this day, some services are part of our lives, such as Google Play, the Android application store, not to mention others that we do not yet have but that will eventually arrive.

Google, during all these years, has been accumulating data about us, so many that if more than one would be surprised. For those who want to make some of their data and search history disappear, we will show below how to do it easily for those who are still new to this.

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Turn off and clear your Google maps history and data

If you want to control your privacy a little more, there are two ways to do it quite simply. On the one hand you have the option to deactivate the history or, if you want to take something more drastic measures, erase it. Here we explain both ways.


Turn off Google History

You may prefer, for some reason, not to record for a while the activity you perform on Google and activate it later instead of erasing it altogether. To accomplish this you simply have to go to the web of your Google history from any browser on your device (mobile, tablet or computer).

The next thing you have to do is click on ‘Activity Controls in your account’ and locate the section you want to disable, such as, for example, the location history and change the position of the switch you will see in the right side of the card.

Next you’ll get a window asking if you want to stop the location history (following the example), which also tells you what to keep in mind. Simply click on ‘Stop’ and next to the section name you will see, in parentheses, ‘paused’. Repeat the process with each section you want to pause temporarily.


Clear Google History

If you want to take more drastic measures and erase all the history of one or more sections, all you have to do is access the web of your Google history and choose the section you want. In this case we will continue with the example of the location, but you can apply it to the section you want.

On the ‘Location History’ card, click on ‘Manage History’, which will take you to the indicated section. Once inside, look for the gear icon and select ‘Delete all the location history’, after which you will be presented with a confirmation window. Click on the box that says you agree if this is the case and then confirm your choice.

If you use the mobile, the process is the same, only clicking on ‘Manage history’ will take you to the application (in the example that occupies Google Maps), click on the icon of the three points and enter ‘Settings’ . Then go down until you find ‘Delete all location history’, touch the square and confirm the choice to delete it.

From that moment, all that activity you have done will have disappeared and, if you also deactivate it, there will be nothing registered in that section until you activate it again.


To what extent is it a good idea to carry out these processes?

Although not many of us like to think that Google keeps our records on a whim or to carry out evil plans, the truth is that it is a tool that helps us in navigation and in the use of its services. Is it convenient, for example, for Google Maps to know where we live and where we work?

To a certain extent yes, we must take into account that, in this way, when running the app we will save to have to enter to each use the address or will tell us how much time we have left to reach the destination. And in other aspects like the search, that there is a series of saved data helps us to speed up our navigation thanks to the recommendations.

But we must also understand the opposite point, the privacy, and is talking about Google is to talk about our data are exposed, so it is not surprising that more of you feel better having erased your record. Everyone should decide on their own if they prefer to have more privacy or gain agility in using the services of the great G. At what end do you stand?



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